I strongly disagree with the report on a much lower UA losses. The UK started to press Zelensky to introduce the ~ 18 year old segment to the conscription in the Summer, now the UA military press for this, too.

After advertising the opportunity for women to serve on the front, the first non-auxiliary looking casualty in a trench I have seen: https://t.me/The_Wrong_Side/13087

Russians introduced a new cluster bomb with JDAM-like controls: https://t.me/fighter_bomber/14762 https://t.me/fighter_bomber/13109

Artillery density: The road from Chasov Yar to Bahmut: https://t.me/romanov_92/42435

Second, three-piece strike on the village where the ceremony of the 128th was struck: https://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/8770295.html

The publication of a video of an UA AFV crushing a wounded RU soldier inducted posting of videos of maiming UA soldiers with UAVs after this post on the timeline: https://t.me/rosich_ru/53149 It is unbelievable how many grenades dropped on single soldiers.

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I will just add that the soldiers that the last part of this text is about Are Czech volunteers and you can donate through the Twitter/X link to help them buy a specially upgraded truck that will help them get rid of more drones

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